JibJab Messages App by JibJab Bros Studios.

The JibJab Messages app brings the humorous, shareable, and personalized content that the brand has become known for to mobile messaging.  For the past year and a half I've been the Director of Content for this project and have had the privilege of collaborating with extremely talented and funny people on the concept, design, animation, UI/UX, Marketing, and Developer fronts.  It has been a lot of fun and challenging to wear many hats on this project and to look at challenges and obstacles from many different perspectives.

My top priority for this app was to build a vast new catalog of content for the messaging platform, while maintaining the sensibilities and "Starring You" feature that JibJab brand has become known for in their successful eCard business.   The examples you see below are just a fraction of what we've created over the past two years. 

Some of the talented artists and animators I've had the pleasure of directing and collaborating with include:

Romney CaswellJeff GillEddie WestJacob StreileinEdlyn CapulongColin LepperChris O'HaraMarysol StepanofNikolas IlicTaylor PriceStefano MeazzaPhil VoseValentin StollMegan McShane, and Greg Mako.